Far In Far Out: Caste in India and the Diaspora
Project leader: Jay Revar, Gandhinagar, Gujarat State, India

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This project involves gathering and disseminating essential information about Caste issues, relevant to India, and the diaspora, and to anyone working to bring awareness to issues of oppression.

Over the past few years, Jay has been providing research, as a consultant to CFOR. One of his areas of deep interest and research has been on Caste. In our ‘Facilitating our Future’ Series, he led a powerful session on issues of Caste together with Shilpa Shah and Anup Karia.  

Jay’s project is about gathering and disseminating essential information about the reality of issues of caste, in order to increase awareness and promote peace among communities.

This includes an understanding of history as well as persisting and ongoing caste-based discrimination – mostly committed by upper caste Hindus – in India and the Diaspora. The everyday reality of ongoing violence and atrocities against Dalits (untouchables) is horrifying. Yet it is rarely spoken about. While awareness is coming more to the foreground, it is still very difficult to even broach the topic – not only in India, or among the Indian diaspora, but also among the international community! The first phase of this project will include writing and publishing papers and articles to contribute to this essential work.

A further phase of this project will involve putting together a team for coordinating and facilitating Forum interactions on issues of Caste among the Diaspora community.

Jay grew up under very oppressive conditions and became the first ‘Dalit’ to become a clinical psychologist in Gujarat state. He worked as an Assistant professor, teaching clinical psychology to medical students at a top University of Gujarat State, but due to Casteism could not continue this work, and continues to work in private practice.