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Far In Far Out: UK – Trans(gender) Joy: exploring joy as resistance

Project leaders: Rowan Hyde and Ellis Beardsmore


Project description

Rowan and Ellis will be developing, coordinating and delivering a series of workshops and forum conversations, looking at issues facing trans communities and dynamics of transphobia, as well as exploring trans joy as a form of resistance.

In addition to facilitating awareness of these dynamics in the wider society, they are particularly dedicated to facilitating ‘hot spots’ and polarisations in respect to trans rights within the feminist movement, and issues related to intersectionality and minority communities.

The project involves coordinating and facilitating a series of forums in the UK, and also developing an international and multi-cultural perspective.

About Rowan and Ellis

Rowan Hyde (they/them) is a trainee facilitator and Psychotherapist with Processwork UK, based in Derbyshire in the UK. They are interested in links between land justice, social justice, therapy and deep ecology, with a focus on anti-colonial and anti-capitalist practice. Rowan is a co-founder of Beyond the Box, a facilitation collective focusing on gender, sexuality and relationship diversity, and have been facilitating workshops on understanding gender diversity since 2019. They are also a musician, writer and artist, and are passionate about the freedom and vitality of creative expression.


Ellis Beardsmore (they/them) is a facilitator, trainer and celebrant. They specialise in creating spaces where people can connect with their authentic selves, bring deeper awareness to complex situations and celebrate transitions. They are training to be a psychotherapist and are specialising in working with the LGBTQ+ community, including running workshops on understanding Gender Diversity.