We facilitate the grappling with issues of structural discrimination, awareness of racism, gender diversity, sexual orientation, xenophobia, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, disability and other issues of diversity among us.

We facilitate within teams, organisations, conferences, think-tanks, community forums and long-term projects of post-war recovery and violence prevention.

In countries and communities that have suffered violent conflict – we contribute to the innate capacity in individuals and communities to process conflict, grapple together with issues of justice and community-wide trauma, in order to grow community relationships, and find pathways to reconciliation, economic recovery and prevention of future violence.

Participants include government organisations, NGO’s, grassroots and international organisations, and concerned citizens impacted by the issues involved. Participants include people from diverse groups, viewpoints and experiences concerning the conflict or current tensions.

We facilitate within organisations and networks that are working to transform long-standing and complex problems in our society. Examples have included facilitating within international peace organisations, human rights and social activist networks, religious organisations, housing associations, academic institutions and businesses.



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