With all of the divisiveness in our communities and in our world, it is of vital importance that we consider whether it is possible to not just repeat the patterns and traumas of history, but to facilitate a different future.

Our work pitches into this possibility that we can grow in our self-awareness (whether as individuals, organisations, communities or whole societies), so that we can discover our capacity and creativity and not only fall unwittingly into repeating the very problems we set out to resolve.

This takes a commitment on a personal, organisational, community and societal level, to perceive how we are each part of this world that we have inherited, and our part in making a difference. Awareness includes taking accountability for history, its legacy and ongoing impact, including the privileges and trauma that we have inherited. And awareness has to do with getting to know our deepest nature, with all our limits and conflicts, the roles we share, and the deepest sense of humanity and creativity that is moving us.

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