Jean-Claude Audergon (lic. phil. I)

Jean-Claude Audergon (lic. phil. I)

Founder, Director

Jean-Claude Audergon (lic.phil. I) is a conflict resolution facilitator and teaches Process Work internationally. He  is a co-founder of Process Work Training Programs in Zurich, Portland Oregon and the UK. He works with the creativity locked within apparent blocks or apparently intractable issues within organizations, and teaches leaders in teams and organizations to do the same.

He also has a long-term interest in violence prevention, has supervised and trained teams and organizations within social services, prisons and schools. He has also led a long-term program working with mental health issues in psychiatric hospitals and community mental health forums.

Jean-Claude is co-founder of CFOR, facilitating forums for communities in conflict and to support creative collaboration and community building. He has also trained as a filmmaker and coaches performers. He has written various articles and a chapter contribution in New Horizons in Body Psychotherapies, N. Totton (Ed.) Open University Press 2005.


Milan Bijelic

Milan Bijelic

Programme Coordination Rwanda and Balkans

Milan is a Process Work facilitator and therapist with nearly 20 years’ experience of community development project work. In the immediate post-war period in Croatia, he was a community relief worker in an international organisation, and coordinated socio-economic development projects. Later, working with ‘Udruga MI’, a Croatian organisation, he was responsible to implement conflict transformation and socio-economic development projects in war affected areas of North Croatia. In the period 2006 to 2012, he was intensely involved in development, design and implementation of partnership projects between Udruga MI and CFOR, funded by the UNHCR, the EU and various European embassies in Croatia.

Milan has extensive experience working with local stakeholders and in teams, in order to implement projects in post-conflict or disadvantaged regions. Arising from his personal experience as a refugee, he has a special interest in conflict transformation and post-conflict work. In addition to his work at CFOR, Milan currently works with an NGO that supports destitute asylum seekers in Sheffield. He also has a small private therapy practice.

Innocent Musore

Innocent Musore

Programme Coordination Rwanda, Kigali Office

Innocent Musore born in DRC is a Peace and development activist in Rwanda and the Great lakes, He is Co-founder of Global Ecovillage-Rwanda and Great Lakes. Innocent is implementing the programme ‘Beyond Conflict’ in Rwanda and the Great Lakes in partnership with CFOR. His long term vision is to promote peace, reconciliation, violence prevention, and healing the past in affected communities in Rwanda and the Great Lakes, and to contribute to conflict transformation and international relations.

He has experience in facilitating, coordinating workshops and training in the field of reconciliation, conflict transformation and community recovery. He and his wife and 3 children live in Rwanda. He would like to contribute to healing the past, especially the effects of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi and its legacy in the Great Lakes region.

Arlene Audergon (Ph.D.)

Arlene Audergon (Ph.D.)

Founder, Director

Arlene Audergon (Ph.D.), co-founder of CFOR, is interested in the role of awareness and consciousness in individual and collective change, such that individuals, organisations and whole communities can access their innate capacity to go beneath  polarities, support diversity  and find creative solutions to societal problems, and for post-war conflict  resolution and violence prevention.

Arlene is author of The War Hotel: Psychological Dynamics in Violent Conflict,  Wiley -Blackwell 2005; ‘Daring to Dream’, in Hart B (Ed.) Trauma and Peace-building, University Press of America 2007; ‘Transforming Conflict into Community, chapter in Psychotherapy and Politics, Totton, (Ed.), Open University Press 2005; and has also published several articles in the areas of Collective Trauma, Conflict Resolution, Process Work, Mental Health, and  Theatre.  Arlene has also developed methods of applying Process Work to theatre. She co-directed and co-devised SPIRIT with Improbable Theatre, (Royal Court theatre and festivals internationally), and  has worked with  actors, musicians, opera singers, improvisers, puppeteers, directors and writers in LA and London. Arlene teaches Process Work in the UK (RSPOPUK) and internationally, supervises faculty and students, and enjoys a private practice  in London.

Lungile Nkosi-Hill

Lungile Nkosi-Hill

Programme Coordinator, ‘Imbewu’, South Africa

Lungile was born and grew up in Durban, South Africa under the Apartheid regime. She studied and gained a BSc degree in Humanities and a post-graduate diploma in Social Work in London UK. She has a very strong belief in access for all as a result of growing up in a divided nation. Lungile has completed an annual CFOR ‘Facilitation for Leaders’ course, and received a certificate from GCSP on leadership and peacebuilding. Lungile initiated the Imbewu (Seed) Community Dialogue programme with CFOR’s support. Currently, Lungile is helping to organize ‘Imbewu (Seed) Community Dialogue’, an NGO that emerged following the first forum in Chesterville, a township in Durban, South Africa, in partnership with CFOR, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Ikamvayouth and Mhlenge.

The focus of ‘Imbewu Community Dialogue’ is addressing our past in order to shape our present and future. Imbewu Community Dialogue is a grassroots project engaging with communities from all backgrounds. For example we organized meetings in Chesterville after the xenophobic attacks on immigrants in 2015, to bring together immigrant and native South Africans. In September 2016 we organized a workshop with youth in the township, to begin to address challenges facing young people in the community – such as drugs, teenage pregnancy and challenging behaviour.

Tajana Vlaisavljevic

Tajana Vlaisavljevic

Programme Administrator – MPhil in International Peace Studies

Tajana Vlaisavljević obtained the titles Master of Pedagogy and Master of Education in the Croatian language and literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb.

She has worked in the education system for years in different roles: as Comenius project participant in Greece, as a Teaching Assistant for children with special needs and as a Teacher of Croatian language and literature both in primary and high schools in Croatia.

Apart from her formal education and work, she has also attended seminars and trainings related to peace studies and human rights, with a particular interest in gender equality. Among other organizations, she volunteered in Amnesty International Croatia as an Advocacy Unit Member. Additionally, she is interested in conflict resolution, reconciliation and development.

She has completed her M. Phil. in International Peace Studies Programme at Trinity College Dublin, where she further explored these topics, and has written her dissertation about reconstruction of education in post-conflict countries.

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