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Spirit and Practice: Worldwork facilitation and leadership for our times

12th-17th October 2018

Facilitated by Jean-Claude and Arlene Audergon

In this Intensive we are going to focus on the link between inner work practice, and facilitating within organisations, communities and social movements – bringing awareness to what orients you to your life and work, and within tense and polarised situations in these divisive times.

You know that experience when you feel moved, carried by something bigger than you… You’re ‘in the zone’, connected to a life force that seems to know what it’s doing. No matter how small and unimportant, your part is meaningful, essential. Or you know that experience when you are moved and reactive, disturbed by annoying people, painful history reawakened, and caught in an inner atmosphere. Or you feel hopeless about the magnitude of our world situation and being able to make a difference. More…

Registration interviews begin April 20 2018 – email us at