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Meet the ‘Far In Far Out’ Team and Mentors

Arlene Audergon, FIFO Programme Director and Mentor
Facilitator, Director and Co-Founder of CFOR, is also enjoying mentoring on the FIFO Team.
You can read more about Arlene here.
Tajana Vlaisavljević, FIFO Programme Coordinator
Tajana joined CFOR Team in 2017, and she is coordinating all CFOR’s programmes and training courses, both in the UK and abroad, including FIFO projects.
You can read more about her here

Anup Karia, FIFO Mentor Coordinator and Mentor

Anup is a facilitator, psychotherapist and consultant supporting individuals, groups and organisations to discover their wholeness and creativity. He has a deep passion and calling in seeking what lies beyond the boundaries of our everyday lives and limitations, and in discovering and engaging with diversity issues that both enrich and trouble us as individuals and communities

He has worked for many years in the fields of trauma, mental health, HIV/AIDS and with refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK. He pioneered one of the first multi cultural counselling programmes for gay/bisexual men from Black and Asian communities in London.

He teaches processwork internationally and consults with organisations around leadership, conflict facilitation and change. He works with issues of racism, casteism, homophobia, gender and class in UK and internationally.

He was a co-director of and is currently senior faculty member of both ProcessworkUK and IPOP ( processwork programme in Czech republic) and is co-founder of Asta Facilitation.

He was born in post colonial Kenya and lives in London.

Andy Smith, FIFO Mentor

Andy’s work centres on transformational change in communities, organisations, participative democracy, inclusion and diversity.

He co-founded Diversity Matters in 2001, working for a more inclusive society particularly in communities and in social care and health systems: This has resulted in three international awards for educational/community based design at both university and grassroots levels, with international awards for inclusivity, changing workplace practice and lifelong learning. A GENE (Global Education Network Europe) award for innovation in education was given to the Go Deep Project in 2018. The GoDeep Game is a community building process that builds capacity and networks in communities and neighbourhoods and explores issues of diversity and creates positive action. See University of Lisbon Research

Andy has initiated and co-created partnerships with the broad aim of a more inclusive and creative world, working with government and NGO groups, CSO’s and grassroots communities: Including partnerships with the Scottish Government, Scottish Social Service Council, Minority Ethnic Carers organisations, local administrations and a range of international partners including Erasmus+, The EU’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme (Horizon 2020), and the European Programme for Integration and Migration.

Andy is also UKCP registered psychotherapist, supervisor and training supervisor, and teaches internationally as well as being a core faculty member in teacher, helping to run schools in UK and Spanish training programmes, where he mentors and coaches facilitators who work in conflict areas as well as in citizen assemblies, town hall meetings and democratic change.

Errol Amerasekera, FIFO Mentor

Errol has a Masters degree in Conflict Facilitation and Organisational Change and works primarily within elite sport, in the areas of culture, leadership and high-performance. He also has a B.Sci., a B.App.Sci. and is a Diplomate in Process Oriented Psychology.

Errol has over 15 years experience working as a consultant, trainer and senior facilitator. He has worked with organisations, schools, NGOs, as well as in international war zones such as Sri-Lanka. He applies his business management experience to organisations in Australia and overseas to assist them to manage the complex and competing demands of delivering sustainable high-performance.

He is passionate about creating a safer and more just world for all by mediating conflict, coaching ethical leadership, and facilitating transformation in individuals, elite teams and organisations.

Errol is a keynote speaker on the connection between leadership, culture and high-performance and the value of a human-centric and relationship focused approach to sustained success. He is currently writing a book with the working title “The Antiracist Organisation: A practical guide to building an inclusive, connected and high-performance culture.”

Neus Andreu Monsech, FIFO Mentor and FIFO Ukraine Project Leader

Neus is from Barcelona (1979, Catalonia, Spain) holds a Law degree and is PWDipl. She is a group facilitator, trainer, organisational consultant and a charismatic leader able to inspire others. She has been a pioneer in different fields. Her gift is to work at the edge of the systems and connect worlds. Her passion is to support organizations, communities, groups and people at times of change or crisis supporting new patterns of leadership based on values like inclusion, efficiency and sustainability. She is deeply inspired by Process Work, ecofeminism and restorative approaches.

For the past 20 years she has worked in a wide range of fields, from international cooperation, human rights advocacy, collective trauma and transitional justice to prevention and attention of gender violence, education, conflict management and, most recently, in the field of entrepreneurship, organizational development and politics. She has worked in different countries: Catalonia, Spain, the United States, Nicaragua, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine and has studied in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. All this background in different disciplines and diverse cultural contexts has given her the ability to understand the complexity of situations, to see their richness and to train her mind to go beyond the obvious, be creative and support innovation.

At this moment she is the Director of Fil a l’agulla, an organization she co-founded 12 years ago devoted to promoting sustainable change and transformation in organisations, schools, communities and people. Fil a l’agulla has grown from the 5 original members in 2009 to 19 members in 2022. Through Fil a l’agulla she has supported dozens of organizations and public administrations in the fields of leadership, conflict resolution, gender discrimination, team building and vision work.

Currently, she is also facilitating and supporting people, leaders and groups in Ukraine with the shock, trauma and helplessness that War is bringing and working with them to create a post-war program that can support, as soon as possible, the recovery and reconstruction of the country. She is also teaching Process Work in Catalunya, Spain and Ukraine.