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Arlene Audergon (Ph.D.)

Co-founder of CFOR

Arlene Audergon (Ph.D.), co-founder of CFOR, is interested  in the role of awareness and consciousness in individual and collective change, such that  individuals, organisations and whole communities can  access their innate capacity to go beneath  polarities, support diversity  and find creative solutions to societal problems, and for post-war conflict  resolution and violence prevention.

Arlene is author of The War Hotel: Psychological Dynamics in Violent Conflict,  Wiley -Blackwell 2005; ‘Daring to Dream’, in Hart B (Ed.) Trauma and Peace-building, University Press of America 2007;  ‘Transforming Conflict into Community,  chapter   in Psychotherapy and Politics, Totton, (Ed.), Open University Press 2005; and has also published several articles in the areas of   Collective Trauma, Conflict Resolution, Process Work, Mental Health, and  Theatre.  Arlene has also developed methods of applying Process Work to theatre. She co-directed and co-devised SPIRIT with Improbable Theatre, (Royal Court theatre and festivals internationally), and  has worked with  actors, musicians, opera singers,  improvisers, puppeteers, directors and writers in LA and London.  Arlene teaches Process Work in the UK (RSPOPUK)  and internationally, supervises faculty and students, and enjoys a private practice  in London.

Sharon Kennet

Sharon is a facilitator, entrepreneur and writer, and the founder of Coaching Nation, a boutique training company working with businesses and entrepreneurs.

Prior to setting up her own company she was the director of a national charity working within criminal justice. Her global programmes have helped enhance the performance of many sectors including science, disruptive technology, finance and the creative industries.

She trained at the University of London/Birkbeck in Conflict Prevention and has been involved with CFOR for many years with the development of the Europe Matters’ programme and as company secretary.

Nick Totton

Nick is a therapist and trainer with well over 30 years experience. Originally a Reichian body therapist, he has explored widely in a number of therapy modalities, and now practices and teaches two forms he has developed himself, Embodied-Relational Therapy and Wild Therapy. Nick has a grown up daughter.

He has written several books, including Body Psychotherapy: An Introduction; Wild Therapy; Not A Tame Lion; Embodied Relating: The Ground of Psychotherapy; and Press When Illuminated: New and Selected Poems.

He has for many years been involved with the intersection of psychotherapy and politics, for example as founding editor of the journal Psychotherapy and Politics International; as a past Chair of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility; and as current Chair of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union. Nick lives in Cornwall with his partner and grows vegetables. There is a website at

Peer Stoop

Peer Stoop is a facilitator, coach and consultant. His fields of expertise are diversity management, inclusiveness, cross cultural communication and international management.

He is the founder of Ikarus Training and Consultancy; a company that works together with several international governmental, non-governmental and commercial companies.

Next to this he works as a program manager of several programs at two universities of applied sciences in Amsterdam, being the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Team Academy, were he leads a group of over 700 students, 50 lecturers and staff members.

His contribution to the field of cross-cultural communication, diversity management and inclusiveness is his focus on the transformative potential of increased awareness in these fields and the many fields connected to these subjects. His background is in working with the application of Process Oriented Psychology to collective processes and his ongoing studies in Buddhism.

He is the author of several articles about diversity and inclusiveness and co-author on several books on education in relation to diversity, inclusiveness and Buddhism.



We are forever grateful to Jean-Claude Audergon (co-founder and co-director of CFOR), and Gina Clayton (CFOR’s Trustee).

You can read our tribute to Jean-Claude here.

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Celebrating Jean-Claude’s life

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