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London and UK - The Den

The Den

Facilitated Dialogue on issues we face together in London, in the UK, in Europe and internationally

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The DEN is a place for facilitated conversations about the issues we face together in our communities and society – in London, in the UK, in Europe, and internationally.

Without facilitation, conversations cycle, and hopelessness and fear creep in as you look at the news.  And hopelessness and fear breeds escalation of conflict and polarisations.

With facilitation, in the spirit of ‘deep democracy’ (Mindell), we will work with how issues are polarised and cycle, and we may catch moments of fresh insight or deepening of understanding between us and pathways forward.

Following each Den dialogue, we’d like to write up the proceedings so that they may be useful also to others.

Some conversation themes for the Den

  • Xenophobia in new clothes- old attitudes towards new waves of migrants
  • Youth, Idealism and radicalisation
  • Disentangling Islam, Islamophobia and terror
  • Diaspora Communities and their contributions

The role of Diaspora communities in contributing needed perspective to their current home, and to their homes of origin.

  • South Africa
  • Great Lakes: Rwanda, Burundi and DRC
  • Muslim and Jewish relationships in the UK and wider Interfaith dialogue, in relation to the Israel-Palestinian conflict
  • Contributions from the fields of psychotherapy and spirituality?
  • Contributions from the arts to creating the world: theatre, music, opera, arts