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Europe Social Inclusion

Together with European Multicultural Foundation, and ANNWIN in Slovakia, CFOR is developing curricula, facilitating training seminars and community forums on issues of diversity, multi-cultural society and conflict resolution in Europe.

European Social Inclusion in Action Project

The Social Inclusion and Action Project is realized with support of the European Community through the Socrates Programme – Grundtvig 2: Learning Partnerships

Participants meet twice a year in different countries to learn from each other and to learn methods of Process Work with Arlene and Jean-Claude Audergon

Social Inclusion in Action is sponsored by government grants in six European countries: Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Norway and the UK.

May 22-25 2007, Slovenia Our next meeting of Social Inclusion in Action will be in Slovenia!

October 25-27 2006, London The European Multicultural Foundation EMF, under the leadership of Mr. Tara Mukherjee, hosted the third gathering of the Social Inclusion in Action Project in London. We had an intense and rich forum interaction and wonderful visit around London, to Leicester, to the Indian Temple in Neasden and more…

May 22-25 2006, Ustron, Poland
The second meeting of the Social Inclusion in Action Project took place in Ustron Poland, introducing Process Work ideas, and facilitating forum discussions among the diverse participants, as well as having a a great time together!
The Ustron Poland Meeting, May 2006 Report
The Ustron Poland Meeting, May 2006 Report in Polish

October 2005, Norway Our first meeting took place in Norway, coordinated by Trine Thommessen, who is also the overall project coordinator…
The Oslo Meeting, October 2005 Report

The Oslo Meeting, October 2005 (Report in Polish)

Participating organizations include:

ANNWIN – Center for Support and Development of Human Potential (Slovakia)
Arendal Centre for Adult Education, Arendal Municipality (Norway)
Caritas of Katowice Archdiocese, Center for Disabled “Divine Mercy” (Poland)
European Multicultural Foundation (UK)
The Folk Culture Association (Norway) – project coordinator
Folk High School of Ajdovšcina (Slovenia)
Lithuanian Ethnic Minorities Association (Lithuania)
The target groups for this project are:

People working in organizations and local community members: People who identify as members of minority groups: ethnic minorities, disabled and socially marginalized groups – and people who identify as part of dominant or majority groups.


Many important issues for modern Europe are of concern to this group, and are part of the group’s dynamics. Themes include: Attitudes towards people with disabilities; attitudes towards refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants; attitudes influencing the relationship between ‘East’ and ‘West’ in Europe; language and translation.

The first meeting took place in Oslo, October 22-27 2005. The next meeting took place in Poland, May 2006, followed by the UK in October 2006, and Slovenia in May 2007.

For more information:

contact us at CFOR

ANNWIN Center for Support and Development of Human Potential
European Multi-cultural Foundation
The Folk Culture Association, Norway
The Directorate-General for Education and Culture