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If you facilitate an interaction among the diverse experiences, viewpoints and dimensions of experience, an extraordinary vitality arises within organisations and community.

CFOR was born from witnessing communities resolve conflict, transform history and find pathways through complex systemic problems.

That’s the big picture.

Our work contributes to conflict resolution, recovery and violence prevention, and to communities, organisations and networks working on complex problems.

We work among NGOs and government groups, social activists, international peace organisations, housing associations, religious groups, educational institutions and business. We work with Partner organisations, and in our ‘Seeds’ programme, we work alongside individuals, who by way of grappling with their own personal and collective history are in a unique position to envision and facilitate a different future for their community.

Our work is in London UK, Europe, Rwanda and the Great Lakes, South Africa, and the Balkans. We offer a training programme called Facilitation for Leaders.

The methods and strategies we use are rooted in ‘worldwork’, the application of Processwork to conflict resolution, and to facilitating teams, organisations and communities.